Finally, a motivational and inspirational childbirth CD.

Your Body, Your Birth: Secrets for a Satisfying and Successful Birth

Most new mothers leave the hospital overjoyed with their newborn baby in their arms, but they are not overjoyed about their childbirth experience. Discover the secrets that will help you experience a satisfying and successful birth next time.

Your Body, Your Birth inspires, encourages and reveals secrets for a rewarding birth experience Ė one you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Your Body, Your Birth Testimonials

In Your Body, Your Birth, Lynn Griesemer boldly yet gently encourages women to challenge their life-long beliefs and opinions about childbirth.  She then beautifully weaves together her personal experiences, intuitive insights, and years of research to present a truly unique and empowering picture of childbirth.  Every woman, regardless of where she plans to give birth, can find meaning and inspiration in Lynn’s words.  

~Laura Shanley, Author of Unassisted Childbirth,

I have a favorite book, DVD and now I have an all-time favorite CD! I want to do anything I can to help promote "Your Body, Your Birth".

~Jody McLaughlin, Publisher of The Compleat Mother

Your Body, Your Birth contains empowering and logical information for why you should take personal responsibility for your own birth in today’s obstetric climate.  Whether giving birth in a hospital or at home, this CD will help you see the "big picture" while making major health care decisions for your family. 

~Jenny Hatch, Louisville, CO, Childbirth Activist,

Your Body, Your Birth, is a profoundly inspirational CD. Lynn, uses her wisdom and experience to craft a uniquely positive and provocative recording, perfect for first-time parents hesitant about facing the unknown path to childbirth.

~Augustine C. Daniels, CPM, LM, Mother, Midwife, and Mentor Bend, Oregon

I have been listening to the CD and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Superb reading and so nicely paced and pronounced - excellent material so well presented and clear.

~Louise Gogel, Manchester, VT

In her new motivational CD, Lynn Griesemer maps out a course for a successful, satisfying birth. The mother of six children, she has experienced a wide range of birth experiences, from hospital births with an obstetrician to intimate home births attended only by her family members. Her CD is a starting point for a woman's quest for a better birth. As Griesemer reminds us, women can get what they want if they are willing to research, set goals, and assert themselves. She shares many secrets for a fulfilling birth experience without using a "one-size-fits-all" approach. These secrets are universal; no matter a woman's health status, planned birth location, or belief systems about birth, she will benefit from the encouragement and support Griesemer offers. She will learn how to take birth back into her own hands. 

~Dr. Rixa Freeze

"Submit to the power of life rather than the control of man." Lynn Griesemer's wise-woman words resonate with the power of nature's 3-billion-year reign on earth.

~Jock Doubleday, author of Spontaneous Creation: 101 Reasons Not to Have Your Baby in a Hospital, Vol 1: A Book about Natural Childbirth and the Birth of Wisdom and Power in Childbearing Women

-Listen to this CD and learn how to create the likelihood of having a satisfying birth experience.

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