The Benefits of Your Body, Your Birth

Your Body, Your Birth exposes the truth, educates, and energizes women to take action. After listening to the CD, women will not want succumb to every aspect of modern day childbirth practices. Some women will make improvements by taking small steps, while others may make major changes for the birth of their next baby.

Your Body, Your Birth helps listeners with decision-making and goal setting. I talk about the importance of imagination and how to develop a healthy body image. I discuss basic human needs and get women thinking about their inner needs versus the emphasis our culture places upon experts directing the birth event. I get women thinking about their body image and its effect on their birth. Women will realize that they overlook many aspects about pregnancy and birth and that they have a lot more power and control than they think.

Listeners will take a closer look at what obstetricians will do for them and realize that they should not take their pregnancies and deliveries for granted. I point out some startling safety concerns too. Technology has become a substitute for human effort and in this new millennium, women are looking for experiences to deepen and enrich their lives, not to further alienate them from an authentic and rewarding life.

Women will welcome the strategies and tips for success. This CD is not necessarily advocacy for homebirth, but it will show women the dangers of drugs and why natural childbirth is a worthy goal. Listeners will question our conventional childbirth system and make adjustments so that they can have a more satisfying birth experience.

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