I May Be a Drop-Out, But Iím Also a Drop-In

      My mind just can’t go to the place of hospital improvements, new technology and all the arguments as to why we should continue to give birth in the hospital.  You can’t get me back to the hospital to give birth.  I’ve done it four times and that was enough for me.  Gosh, I wish I had known sooner.  That’s why I continue to do this work.  There are millions of women out there like me – women who have faith and confidence in their bodies, women who are sensual, women who take care of themselves, who marvel at the life growing inside of them and eagerly await the day they get to meet their precious baby.

      Intuitively, women know that something is amiss, but go along with the scientific approach to birth because our environment is not set up to encompass the kind of birth most of us would enjoy.  Yes, enjoy!  Although we have this advanced technology, modern-day childbirth seems so antiquated because it is lacking a positive, personal approach to birth.  At every turn is fear and worry.  The collective energy surrounding pregnancy and childbirth is one of tension and anxiety.

      When it comes to normal and natural birth – the way biology has intended – it behooves us to stay home to give birth.  It makes total sense.  What woman really wants to relinquish her feminine power at a defining moment of her life?  What man wouldn’t want to be a key part of the experience?  So much is taken away when we hand over control of our births to someone else.  Why not drop-out of the hospital mindset, and instead, adopt a new paradigm of childbirth?

      Drop-in to the possibilities ~ the possibility of a sensual, private birth experience.  Giving birth is an intimate act, but we’ve been told and sold on a crazy idea that it is a medical event, fraught with danger.  So, we fear it.  And this is why we head to the hospital.

      Well, you pay a big price for fear and worry.  And pain?  You want drugs to alleviate the pain?  None of us likes pain.  We avoid it and we don’t want to deal with it.  Our anticipation and worry is often worse than reality.  Many want to ease the pain, with little or no concern for the possible consequences of the procedures or drugs they allow.  We must be accountable for the decisions we make when we choose drugs for ourselves and the unborn.

      Many women have learned how to deal with pain without drugs and many have not had much pain at all during childbirth.  Many have had physically and emotionally pleasurable birth experiences.  Guess where you will find many of these women describing pleasure at birth? Homebirth settings!

      You often get what you expect in life.  I expected little to no pain and that’s what I got for my six pregnancies and births.  Am I lucky?  Do I have some type of advantage? No.  My thoughts were so strong and powerful, that my outcomes seemed very close to what I imagined.  There are other ways in dealing with pain rather than introducing drugs with harmful side effects that may be lifelong and irreversible.

      Drop-in to the idea that birth can and should be as nature intended.  Drop-in to the use of technology when it is needed.  Protect yourself and your baby.    Drop-in to a new paradigm of birthing – one where you take charge of your birth and write the script of a birth that is in alignment with your inner longings.