“Homebirthers are Selfish”

     Critics of homebirth have been known to say something like this:

 “The mother cares more about her personal experience at the risk of a safe birth.”

      The public needs to see through this foolishness because one of life’s governing principles is that we seek life.  We also seek physical comfort and do not want harm to come to us or our loved ones.  Only an extremely small number of people choose suicide, homicide or murder.  I don’t know anyone who would prefer unsafe, hazardous and dangerous conditions.  It is against our nature to want an unsafe birth, yet this argument is seldom challenged.

     This comment usually comes from medical personnel whose intent is to plant a seed in our minds so that we will conclude that we can’t have both a satisfying birth and safe birth experience.  Hospital supporters do not seek to offer an intimate and emotionally satisfying birth experience, so they have to criticize the idea, deflect attention and cause distraction.  How convenient to play into fear – fear of something going wrong, and accusations that people put their lives and the lives of their babies at risk.

     By virtue of getting pregnant, continuing the pregnancy and giving birth, we are choosing life, not death.  It does not make sense that we would risk unsafe conditions for such an important event.

     I sometimes wonder if people assume that we would jump out of a plane without a parachute?!

     We need to honor the self as we go through life:  honor our decisions and ability to choose the best for ourselves and those around us.  We want to choose the right profession / job, the right house or living situation, the best spouse, certain clothing styles, and the best vacations, according to our means. We want to choose how to spend our time and money and we want to choose the birth situation that is commensurate with our values, beliefs and desires.   We do not seek death and danger.