Unassisted Homebirth Will Set You Free

      For many girls, socialization begins with an emphasis on appearance, poise and achievement.  Take a look at the children’s clothing department in any store.  Do you notice a 3:1 ratio of girls to boys clothing?  We seem to fawn over styles for baby girls.  Thus starts the cycle of emphasis on appearance.

      Many girls are taught to look pretty, to play harmoniously, and to nurture relationships.  Somehow fitting in, meeting others expectations and looking and behaving certain ways are more rewarded than being rugged, tom-boyish, smart, unique, unusual, competitive or entrepreneurial.

      While differences in the male and female brain might account for certain career preferences (such as surgeon and teacher), are there socialization factors at work?  Why do we have more male engineers and female nurses?  Why is there a lower percentage of women in math and physics fields?  How about the sport of golf? 

      When we can break free from the cultural constraints, we experience liberation.   Unassisted birth is like breaking out of bondage, which sets you free.  Have women been conditioned and to what extent are we a product of our culture?  Do we find ourselves in any “traps?”

      I believe our childbirth methods have evolved to the point where women are caught up in a cultural trap.  Hospital birth does not serve the average woman.  While we are all special and unique, biology is often predictable.  What this means is that when it comes to childbirth, most of us can expect nature to deliver its promises, without a hitch.  Only the extreme cases need medical intervention, but you’d never know it in our culture.

      What has happened?  I call it THE BIG MASK.  A figurative mask has been put on the faces of young women, silencing their mouths from speaking, thwarting their brains from thinking how a real birth experience is supposed to go.   This mask incites fear of something going wrong. With blinders on the eyes, these masks prevent the truth.  Childbirth as we know it is all a BIG LIE!  Will the young women in our culture do something about this?  Are they equipped?  Do they know?  It’s time to expose the truth and do something about it.  If you are in the childbearing years, you have the right to reclaim your power to give birth at home.

      Take a look at this article published in February 2012 and you will see how the ROCG (Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) is in support of homebirth as opposed to the ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) who are saying the OPPOSITE.   The research is the same, women’s bodies / biology is the same, but the UK has socialized medicine and understaffing issues, so they make different conclusions and recommendations.   I wonder if the ACOG would say they are compromising safety and encouraging danger!


      I believe it is our job to uncover the truth and live according to those discoveries, making good decisions along the way.  Today’s women are STRONG, SENSUAL, and SMART.  The time has come for a mass exodus from hospital birth – THE TIME IS NOW!  The world is moving fast and you are too.  In order to keep up with change, we need to evaluate, reevaluate and form new paradigms.

      2020 will be here before you know it.  When it comes to the birth of your baby, you don’t want to be saying, “I wish I had 20 / 20 hindsight and gave birth to my baby at home rather than in the hospital.”  Make decisions that are right for you and your family.   Bold decisions require courage.