What Makes the Your Body, Your Birth CD Unique

I have been researching and writing about childbirth since 1996 and to my knowledge, this motivational birth CD is the first of its kind. There are a few CDs / audio cassettes on relaxation and visualization for birth and some pregnancy and childbirth books that have been offered in CD form, but I believe that Your Body, Your Birth is unique and groundbreaking.

It is comprehensive and extremely important for anyone who will give birth or anticipate giving birth in their lifetime. We are inundated with general motivational CDs and tapes to improve our work productivity or general life success, but there is virtually nothing to motivate women for a positive childbirth experience. Anthony Robbins and Joel Osteen have had tremendous influence upon Americans in search of improving their lives and I believe I have the enthusiasm that they have. I’ve figured out awesome solutions to a common problem and now want to pass on those secrets to others. I have the passion and enthusiasm to motivate. But you can be the judge of that after listening to my CD!

Your Body, Your Birth may be one of the most important self-help and motivational CDs a woman will ever listen to.