Death Due To C-section

†††† Letís listen to a conversation between Annie and Maggie, two friends who are chatting on a carefree spring afternoon at the playground, while their children play Ö

ANNIE:† Did you hear about the two women who died during their C-sections?

MAGGIE:† No, thatís terrible!

ANNIE:† Yeah. Two teachers from New Jersey Ė first time moms.

MAGGIE:† What happened?† I thought they do C-sections to save the life of the mom and baby.

ANNIE:† Apparently, they were fine before the C-sections and something went wrong during the operations.

MAGGIE:† I heard that C-sections are 3-5 times as risky as vaginal deliveries.

ANNIE:† Thatís true.† C-sections are major surgery and too many women allow C-sections, even to the point of persuading their doctor to schedule one.

MAGGIE:† Thatís terrible.

ANNIE:† Itís horrendous.† Women should do everything in their power to avoid a C-section.

MAGGIE:† I hope I never have to have a C-section.

ANNIE:† You probably wonít if you take precautions during your pregnancy and during your birth.

MAGGIE:† I feel sorry for the families.

ANNIE:† I do too.† I hope they do a full investigation and if someone is liable, they need to be held accountable.†

MAGGIE:† I guess that goes to show you that we canít assume that C-sections are safe.

ANNIE:† Well, letís be careful not to generalize, but Iíll tell you whatÖI wouldnít want it [death due to C-section] to happen to me.

†††† The above dialogue is not a true story, but the death of two mothers as a result of C-sections gone wrong is true (May 10, 2007, The Philadelphia Inquirer)†† If you feel inspired, pray for all involved in the tragedy, especially the families left behind.