What Do You Think?

 What you think of yourself determines what you will try and what you can do.

   Your beliefs about yourself and the future you imagine serve as the foundation for your choices and experiences.

    I’ve always thought of myself as a mentally and physically strong woman and decided that my labors and deliveries would be short and problem-free. Those thoughts carried me through six pregnancies and births that lasted, on average, three hours, beginning with the first hint of labor to a few minutes of transition and releasing a baby.

    What do you think of yourself and your body?  How do you imagine your birth experience?  I discuss this topic at length in my CD:  Your Body, Your Birth:  Secrets for a Satisfying and Successful Birth.  One’s mental outlook plays a SIGNIFICANT role in birth preparation and experience – more than anyone will tell you.  Our culture is obsessed with the realm of the physical and material, but does not pay nearly as much attention to the unseen.