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Unassisted Homebirth: An Act of Love:

-UHB belongs in every collection of books on alternative birthing. The other stuff is all of the crisis mentality that marks modern birth. This book examines our cultural assumptions. - Valarie Nordstrom, publisher of "New Nativity II" (newsletter for Do-it-Yourself Homebirth Couples)

-UHB is everything a good book should be - honest, informative, inspiring, and incredibly well-written. It is sure to open many eyes to the safety and beauty of unassisted birth. -Laura Kaplan Shanley, award-winning author of Unassisted Childbirth.

-In UHB, Lynn M. Griesemer describes the way childbirth will be commonly experienced in the new millennium, which is only weeks away, really. All other books about birth (with the exception of a couple by me) are as obsolete as a manual typewriter in a newspaper office. -Marilyn Moran, author of Birth and the Dialogue of Love and Pleasurable Husband/Wife Childbirth: the real consummation of married love.

-This is the best book on unassisted homebirth. - Martha Pugacz, Fairview Park, OH, mother of seven; had her first unassisted birth 40 years ago.

-I am enjoying your book!! KUDOS on a wonderful contribution to healing birth at the edge of the millenium. I am so honored to be included and see the term FREEBIRTH in the index ~ a first!! Your book is herstoric!! I keynoted the International Primal Association with a speech, "Healing the Earth by Healing Birth" in which your book was referenced, barely a day after I first got it. -Jeannine Parvati Baker, world reknown author and speaker

-Everything is WONDERFUL - we are so thrilled with this book - it says EVERYTHING. You have just done a fantastic job; you have given completely of yourselves for such an important work. The passion you have for unassisted birth shines through on every page. CONGRATULATIONS!!! We will be doing our best to promote your book everywhere we can. - Rick and Patty Kohl, Hopkinton, NY

-Lynn Griesemer's UNASSISTED HOMEBIRTH is a refreshingly honest and empowering book. This is wonderful, bold stuff that deserves wide attention. Yes, we can reclaim our lives and that begins with parents birthing their children without people who make their living in the technological childbirth industry. I highly recommend expectant couples to take to heart the truthful message and information in this important book. - Michael Fogler, author of UN-JOBBING: THE ADULT LIBERATION HANDBOOK.

-I devoured the book mostly in one day. It is a fantastic work - very thorough! I thought it was great the way you had the parents remarks in the chapter on "How to Prepare." Our first birth was in a birth center four years ago - no complications, but I ended up bonding with my midwife and not my husband. To this day I still feel an attachment and after reading all this wonderful literature, I saw why I felt that way. My husband felt a desire to birth our second baby alone, but I had a homebirth with a midwife. I felt attached (again!) and didn't listen to who I should have been listening to - my husband. I am due any day now and we are looking forward to our upcoming, unassisted birth. - Saunya Hildebrand, Webster, FL

-Unassisted Homebirth: An Act of Love is a comprehensive guide for the woman who desires the comfort and intimacy of home delivery. Natural homebirths are discussed giving encouragement and helpful information. For some women there is no place like home to deliver a baby! -Connie Williams, President, Tri-County American Family Association

-I'm glad you wrote this book. - Mike Hiott, host of Charleston's TV-5 Midday show.

-I am a slow reader, but what I have read, I love!!! I can picture everything as you write it, and your writing flows so wonderfully. It is as if you are talking only to ME! - Jackie Martin, Glendale, CA