Top Ten reasons to birth at home

  1. 1. You donít have to leave the nest to add to it.

  2. 2. You have control over your labor and birth.

  3. 3. The father is intimately involved rather than a passive observer on the sidelines.

  4. 4. Your birth will be surrounded by love, not strangers and equipment.

  5. 5. No one ridicules you, hurries you or coaxes you to take drugs.

  6. 6. You are more apt to have a safer birth.

  7. 7. You are more likely to experience a pleasurable birth.

  8. 8. No one will treat the baby as an object (poking, weighing, measuring, taken away for testing and experimentation).

  9. 9. Less postpartum depression.

  10. 10. You will experience tremendous awe and reverence for life. There is a greater likelihood of achieving the highest level of human fulfillment on Earth.

(page 54, Unassisted Homebirth: An Act of Love)